Online Argo Reading Series: Verse, Prose & Song, with Maria Caltabiano, Salena Wiener, Deanna Radford, Joshua Levy, Christine Davet, Shaheen Munir

Full info here – email for the Zoom link – and info excerpted below.

About the performers:

Salena Wiener is a poet based in Montreal. Poetry in Honey & Lime’s blog Oceans & Time, Pulp Poets Press, & others.

Ilona Martonfi is a poet, editor, curator, & activist. Her latest poetry collection is entitled The Tempest (Inanna April, 2022).

Christine Davet writes literary non-fiction, memoir and short dramas for international development and cultural institutions.

Shaheen Munir, Writer and women’s rights activist will sing Tagore Songs of Noble Laureate Rabindranath Tagore.

Joshua Levy is an award-winning writer of prose, nonfiction, and poetry. He divides his time between Montreal and Lisbon.

Maria Caltabiano, former editor at the CBC. Drawing Daybreak, (Guernica Editions, 2021) is her first poetry collection.

Deanna Radford is a poet, performer in the group Cloud Circuit, and is currently revising her first poetry collection.