Vallum Issue 14:1 “Evolution” Launch

Celebrate the launch of Vallum’s newest issue 14.1, “Evolution.” This year Vallum has teamed up with the League of Canadian Poets as well as the Blue Metropolis Literary Festival to present an unforgettable launch on the theme of “time.”


Catriona Wright
Alan Reed
Kian Vaziri-Tehrani
Jeffrey Mackie
Maureen Korp
Tara Dourian
Jessica Bebenek
Adam Lawrence

Readings start at 7:30 pm.

For the first time ever, this event is PWYC with a $5 suggested donation. Pay $10 for entry and get a copy of issue 14:1!

Rocket Science Room
#204-170 Jean Talon O.

Accessibility: The venue is on the second floor. Unfortunately there is a single flight of stairs off the main entrance with no wheelchair access, however there is a functioning elevator on the main floor. If you require assistance of any kind, please let Jay (514-318-4058) from Vallum know! We’d be happy to accommodate any of your needs to the best of our ability.