The Words & Music Show ONLINE

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Storytelling by Nisha Coleman
Poetry by Brian Bartlett
Alexei Perry Cox
Music by
Lune très belle (Frédérique Roy et Eugénie Jobin)
Sava (Dina Cindric, Sarah Albu, Antonia Branković, Sara Rousseau)

More from the event description below:

“We’ll also have a short recorded talk with the late Maritime poet Alden Nowlan and perhaps a few other things thrown in as well.

Once you are linked with the show via Zoom, I’ve heard that Gallery View works best and that it’s a good idea to make sure your MUTE button is on except when you’d like to say something.

And if you can’t or don’t want to connect at that time, we’re hoping to record the whole show and post it on our page at

This is our first try at this. If the show works out better than hopeless(!), we’ll try to bring you more work at 8 every Sunday night!

This Words & Music Show will be hosted by Ian Ferrier and Jason Camlot, and is sponsored by the Quebec Writers’ Federation (QWF), which is paying the performers on the show, as well as SpokenWeb, and Wired on Words Productions.

As you probably know, all the Montreal venues where we present our work have been closed. A gofundme to help support their out-of-work employees has been set up.”

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