The Words and Music Show: Performing the Archive

Presented by SpokenWeb, The Words and Music Show: Performing the Archive is a celebration of 20 years of archival materials from the Words and Music Show as curated by Ian Ferrier.

6-8pm @ 4th SPACE, Concordia University

Poetry and music performances, featuring Montreal-based word artists Catherine Kidd and Kaie Kellough who have contributed significantly to W&M over the years, and whose past performances are captured in the archive. The event will feature an unveiling of a new online archive of the Words & Music collection, created by SpokenWeb archivists, researchers and designers, and guests will be invited to explore and listen to the archival materials in an interactive environment made possible by the 4th SPACE. The vernissage of the site will also feature talks by English student researchers Andrew Roberge and Ali Barillaro, and design student Rodrigo Velasco, who have been responsible for the processing and digital design of the online collection.

More info here.