Off the Page | Renee Gladman & Danielle Dutton

Writers Read Concordia presents an evening of Feminine Utopia with writers Renee Gladman and Danielle Dutton.

York Amphitheatre, EV 1.605, 1515 rue St. Catherine West

Renee Gladman is a writer and artist preoccupied with lines, crossings, thresholds, and geographies as they play out in the interstices of poetry and prose. She is the author of eleven published works, including a cycle of novels about the city-state Ravicka and its inhabitants, the Ravickians, as well as Prose Architectures, her first monograph of drawings (Wave Books, 2017). She lives and makes work in New England with poet-ceremonialist Danielle Vogel.

Danielle Dutton’s writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Harper’s, BOMB, The Paris Review, The Guardian, etc. She is the author of three-and-a-half books: a collection of prose pieces, Attempts at a Life; an experimental novel, SPRAWL, which will be reissued by Wave Books in 2018 with an afterword by Renee Gladman; Here Comes Kitty: A Comic Opera, an artist’s book of collages by Richard Kraft; and Margaret the First, a novel about the seventeenth-century writer Margaret Cavendish. She is a professor at Washington University in St. Louis and co-founder and editor of the feminist press Dorothy, a publishing project.