MIXED MARTIAL ARTS launch, with Steff Hui Ci Ling, Erín Moure, Anahita Jamali Rad and host David Bradford – at Anteism Books

Celebrate MIXED MARTIAL ARTS and the anti-work poem at Anteism Books. Event description (including a note on masks) here and excerpted in full below.

“Join Steff Hui Ci Ling and the rest of us at Anteism Books June 28 at 7pm to launch this special one!
Steff will be reading w/ Erín Moure and Anahita Jamali Rad and David Bradford will host! And copies of MMA will be ready for you to consume…

Please note some of the folks involved in the event are immunocompromised, so we’re inviting you come masked and staying masked for the event!

Also note: Anteism Books’ space is wheelchair accessible. The main space is located on the first floor and has a ramp that allows access to the secondary space and the stage. The restroom is located on the second floor of the building and is accessible by elevator.

A bit of info about our NEW release:
In MIXED MARTIAL ARTS Steff Hui Ci Ling sets out to update the spirit of NEW WORK POETRY as it was practiced by members of the Vancouver Industrial Writers Union. With former Union member Erín Moure as an interlocutor for this project, here Ling writes against the backdrop of multi-tasking, code-switching, neurotic professionalization, and the general spiritual beating that is taken while performing in today’s labour market. MIXED PARTIAL ARTS is a work poetry tuned for the decentralized, freelance and neoliberal conditions of contemporary labour in the Global North, and written to recuperate emotional texture and desire for political belonging. What Ling describes as her anti-work poems.
See you all soon!”

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