For the Poets of Montreal – A Special Words & Music Show Sunday

8pm, and readings start at 9pm | La Vitrola, 4602 St-Laurent

A special night of the Words & Music Show

More info here & from the organizer Ian Ferrier about the event:

“Matt Santateresa was a fine Montreal poet, author of three books and more. He died two years ago, and on Sunday we have been asked to give away all the books in his library to the poets of Montreal.

We will have them all on display for the giveaway at La Vitrola from 8PM. A special table will also be set up where you can buy one of Matt’s books, proceeds going towards cancer research.

Although the giveaway is for poets by avocation or profession, the Words & Music Show is open to all. The regular show will start at 9PM as usual, and will feature some serious talent, including the amazing Tanya Davis, dancer/performer Greg Selinger, and some ambient music from Creatures of the Ice Age, featuring Ian Ferrier and Sarah Albu. To lead off and punctuate the show, poets and friends of Matt will read a few poems from Matt Santateresa’s work.

Please join us, and please ask any Montreal poets you know to come as well. It is such a lovely way to spread Matt’s interests and books so that they live on in the work of the poets of Montreal.”