Fleur de Sel

“LE FLEUR DE SEL N’EST PAS UNE FLEUR. Taking its name from the salt crystals which form on the surface of the ocean that when consumed, lingers on the tongue––FLEUR DE SEL reproduces its own desire, in excess through mastication. FLEUR DE SEL explores experimental forms of poetry as they are sustained by performance. Its interests lie in poetry and practises that involve archiving and documenting processes of healing intimacies. It is a collective reimagining of desire whose methodology is based in salt.”

GLAMOUR GIRL presents FLEUR DE SEL is a poetry reading series that will take place in Montreal, Chicago, Pittsburg, New York and beyond.

Marie Ségolène
Tatum Howey
Kristina Pedersen
Athena-Sofia Delimanolis

Arbutus Records (7119 Rue St-André)

More event info here.