Desert Pets Jess Montreal

JESS TAYLOR, JESSICA BEBENEK, JESSIE JONES, with host CATRIONA WRIGHT at the Rocket Science Room, #204-170 Jean Talon O.

More event info here & excerpted below:

“Join us for the Montreal celebration of three new chapbooks! Featuring readings by our newest desert pets, the evening will be hosted by lovely human CATRIONA WRIGHT!

JESS TAYLOR explains the difference between a perv and a creep in her fiction chapbook “Just Pervs.”

JESSICA BEBENEK breaks our hearts with her beautiful poetry chapbook “Fourth Walk.”

JESSIE JONES gives some dubious self-help advice in her long-awaited debut poetry chapbook “Nix.”

DOORS @8pm


Beer & Wine $4
Whiskey $5
A surprise cocktail in honour of the Jess’s $5

Accessibility: The venue is on the second floor. Unfortunately there is a single flight of stairs off the main entrance with no wheelchair access, however there is a functioning elevator on the main floor. If you require assistance of any kind, please let us know! We’d be happy to accommodate any of your needs to the best of our ability.”