Catherine Kidd presents Hyena Subpoena at Wildside Festival

Jan. 10, 13, 15, 17 at 7PM and Jan. 20 at 3PM
Centaur Theatre // Wildside Festival
Tickets here | And more info here.

“HYENA SUBPOENA is a transcendent and funky creation by an unforgettable artist at the height of her powers. Catch it while you can!”

“Six tightly-woven prose poems recount the rocky road traveled by narrator Mona Morse. Inspired by a tour to South Africa in 2007, the story opens at a campsite in Kruger Park where Mona has fled to live in a tent and study hyena. Her brushes with wildlife spark recollections of a troubled adolescence in East Vancouver in the 80s, refigured with the stark humour of hindsight.”