A reading by Mohammadi and du Plessis

G is a sound. Phonetically, it is represented as [χ]—and corresponds to خ in the Arabic alphabet—a guttural resonance shared between Afrikaans and Persian. Poets Klara du Plessis and Khashayar “Kess” Mohammadi composed G collaboratively as an act of hospitality into their languages and now they will read through the entire translingual collection, activating the playful linguistic connections and shifts.

A matinee performance on Saturday 18 May
@ articule (6282 St-Hubert, Montreal)

Doors open at 230pm and the reading starts at 3pm.

Cover charge will support costs related to hosting and traveling for the event. $15 will include a copy of G, Du Plessis’ I’mpossible Collab, OR Mohammadi’s Daffod*ls. Otherwise, $10 or by donation.

Full info here!

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