Poetry In the Age of Surveillance

“[S]urveillance culture has shaped the way we see and conceptualize those aspects of lived reality that transcend or escape mere visibility[.]”
– Ariana Reines

Join Metatron for our debut discussion series. The theme for our inaugural edition is ‘Surveillance’ at the Rocket Science Room.

‘Poetry in the Age of Surveillance’ will include readings from Sarah Jean Grimm (NYC), Liz Bowen (NYC) and Georgia Faust (NYC) and a discussion moderated by Jacob Wren (Families Are Formed Through Copulation, Revenge Fantasies of the Politically Dispossessed, Polyamorous Love Song + Rich and Poor) and Ashley Obscura (I Am Here).

b y d o n a t i o n
bar provided by Rocket Science Room

#204-170 Jean Talon O.

Full event info here.