Autobiography of Red: A Theatrical Adaptation, February 21st-24th, 28th-Mar. 3rd

An original adaptation of Anne Carson’s Novel In Verse of the same name, which itself is based on the Greek Myth of Hercules’ Tenth Labour. Director & Writer, Phoebe Fregoli, and full cast & crew listed below — and full event info here!

Geryon – Mich Cota
Herakles – Stephen Lawrence
Ancash – José Camargo
Mother – Annah-Lauren Bloom
Brother – Connor Miles
Grandmother – Jess Waters
Babysitter – Phina Lewin
Waiter – Rafaël Khoury
Tango – Alex Huard

Director & Writer – Phoebe Fregoli
Stage Manager – Hannah Karpinski
Assistant Stage Manager – Meleah Bennett
Sound Engineer & Graphic Designer – Tatum Howey
Sound Operator – Emily Enhorning
Costume Designer – Ali Hendra
Wings Specialist – Lucas LaRochelle
Photographer & Social Media Coordinator – Sadie Mallon
Lighting Operator – Meleah Bennett
Set Designer & Coordinator – Terrance Richard
Assistant Set Designer – Eva Young
Props Coordinator – Pamela Lisa
Projectionist – Caite Clark

February 21st-24th, 28th-Mar. 3rd @ 8:00pm

Ticket Reservations can be made by clicking the link below:

Adults: 10$…..Students & QDF members: 6$

“Autobiography of Red is a romance that begins in Southern Ontario when Geryon, an adolescent, winged red monster, meets Herakles, a charming older boy from Hades, and falls in love. Geryon is deeply affected by their breakup, even many years later, when they run into each other unexpectedly in Argentina, accompanied by Herakles’ new boyfriend, Ancash. A love triangle unfolds between the three men when they impulsively decide to travel to Peru together.”

**Content Warning: This show contains mature themes. Please take care of yourselves accordingly. For details please message the TNC Theatre Facebook page.**