THE SELF-LOVE CABARET: une célébration des 10 ans de pratique artistique de Kama La Mackerel

Full info HERE and event description excerpted below.

At Cabaret Lion d’Or


The Self-Love Cabaret: a celebration of 10 years of Kama La Mackerel’s artistic practice

Ten years ago, in the summer of 2012, Kama La Mackerel, recently arrived in Montréal, started their first artistic project (which was entirely grassroots & underground!) A decade later, they now have all sorts of creations under their belt, and to celebrate this artistic life, they are inviting us back to the origins of their practice: cabarets!

After all, after the past 2 years we’ve just had, we definitely need and OLD-FASHIONED QUEER CABARET!!

Featuring on stage:
Tranna Wintour
Eve Parker Finley
Kim Ninkuru
Winnie Ho
Miami Minx
Meander Dot

INFO-COVID: While the mask is in no way obligatory, you are highly encouraged to keep your mask on during the event.



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