Poetic Notions

“Bringing together 30 artists and poets, curators & participants Holly Friesen and Carolyn Boll have woven together the show Poetic Notions. An exhibition of 15 collaborative works created through the pairings of one visual artist and one poet, they bring us 15 thought-provoking notions of the power of both poetry and art.”

Vernissage on Thursday Feb 13th 5pm to 8pm, readings at 6pm
@ Centre d’art E.K. Voland Art Gallery (4710 rue St Ambroise)

Full info here.

Participating Poets and Visual Artist Duos:
Carolyn Boll & Susanne Strater
Holly Friesen & Annie Bruno
Stephanie Bolster & Lydia Haywood-Mun
Kathryn Kroo & Rae Marie Taylor
Nicke Gorney & Melanie Mitzner
Rachelle Marcoux & Emmy Huot
Theresa Passarello & Victoria LeBlanc
Gabby Scope & Sheryl Halpern
Blossom Thom & Mary Perchanok
Carolyne Van Der Meer & Ariane Côté
Jennifer Goddard & Madelaine Caritas Longman
Wendy Thomas & Sue Elmslie
Moe Clark & Kathryn Eulella Shriver
Sue Rusk & Elizabeth Paulette Coughlin

Additional events on Sunday, Feb 16th 11am to 1pm (coffee & croissants) and drop-in showings with curators on Friday Feb 14th & Monday Feb 17th 11am – 3pm.