June SLAM | Featuring Apollo the Child!

Throw Poetry Collective presents a night of SLAM poetry featuring Apollo the Child!


Apollo the Child is a spoken word poet, a rapper, events organizer, radio host, and an arts educator. He is one half of the hip hop duo Poetic Elements and is a recent addition to the Dead Ringer arts collective. He also cohosts The Home Invasion Show on CKCUFM. Apollo is at the forefront of various art communities both locally and nationally. He is the current codirector of the Urban Legends Poetry Collective. He has been doing spoken word for almost 10 years and in that time he has been on 4 national teams. His most recent being the 2016 team where they placed 3rd in the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word


More event info here & excerpted below:

“Sign up for the open mic and competition starts at 7, the show starts at 8. Entry is $5 for students and members of the QWF; $7 for the general public. All competing poets must have two poems prepared, each 3 minutes or less. No props, no costumes, no musical instruments, no animal acts, but reading materials are welcome onstage. Team pieces are also welcome!

Unfortunately the bar is 18+. There is one step at the enterence to the bar and three up to the stage, but the microphones can be moved to accomidate performers. The washrooms are labelled by gender but we encourage everyone to use whichever one they want.


Les SLAMs d’été?? C’est une nouvelle saison, et c’est le temps de tourner la page…. Ce mois on est vraiment excité de vous presenter Apollo the Child, qui vien d’Ottawa!

L’inscription commence à 19h00, le spectacle commence à 20h00. $5 pour étudiants et membres de la Federation des Ecrivains du Quebec (QWF) 7$ pour les autres. Tous les poets ont besoin de deux poèmes de 3 minutes ou moins, pas d’accessoires, pas d’animales, pas de costumes, pas de musique d’accompagnement.

Malheuresement le bar est 18+. Les salles de bains sont étiquetées par sexe, mais on vous encourage de utiliser celle que vous voulez. On est sur le premier étage, mais il y a une marche à la porte. Il y a trois marches j’usqua la scène, mais les microphones sont portables.”

Le Divan Orange
4234 Boulevard Saint-Laurent