Durga Chew-Bose launches Too Much and Not the Mood

Librarie Drawn & Quarterly hosts the launch of Durga Chew-Bose’s collection of essays: TOO MUCH AND NOT THE MOOD. Chew-Bose will be in conversation with Haley Mlotek.

Librairie Drawn & Quarterly
211 Bernard Ouest

“Flinging us headlong into her most intimate philosophical, and occasionally brooding, thoughts, TOO MUCH is a lyrical and piercingly insightful collection of essays that blend essay-meets-prose poetry, with a distinct take on identity and culture.” — Excerpted from the full event info here.

And from Anna Furman’s review–Durga Chew-Bose: ‘I don’t really believe in writing as catharsis’–in the Guardian: “After living away from her parents for the past 13 years, she moved back to Montreal – where they both live – while writing this book. ‘There’s a certain type of adult who really romanticises proximity to parents, and I’m one of those people,’ she says, adding that she views her collection as a gift to her mother. ‘I hope that it makes [my family] feel closer to me,’ she says. ‘No matter how close you are to your family, you still don’t know how your daughter interprets the world.'”